perjantai 17. toukokuuta 2013

Vokes Nomads, Imperial Guard Army

I really like the Imperial Guard as an army, the underdogs of the 40k universe, ready to take all manner of aliens, just 'cause. After my Mordian army project I wanted to do a "brighter" army, to counterweight the dark urban theme of the Mordians. Luckily I had bought around 60 or so Tanith models dirt cheap from a friend and I tough about making a desert army since the models suited that theme very nicely. Making this was real challenge and fun to put together, giving me tons of conversion possibilities since Tanith models only  had so few options with the special weapons troopers and especially with the heavy weapons.

Converting the Tanith models proved to be easy after hours of clipping off lasguns from other models. The Tanith female troopers were perfect for carrying special weapons, by removing their lasgun and adding plastic Cadian special weapons. What made these models exceptionally perfect was the models left hand that was under the cloak and with the special weapon covering the so much of the model, she looked like she had good hold of the weapon even indeed we cant see her hand on the weapon itself. Head-swapping also proved to be a really simple and good way to give the one-pose-models a totally new look.

The firsts models proved to be excellent, I could see that my painting skills where gotten better since the days of my Mordian army.

My army was coming on nicely, the weathering on the Sentinel came together better than I had hoped and the heavy weapon teams started to multiply. Next inline was the tanks, sadly they weren't such a success like the rest of the army so far.

During the construction of this army the "dipping" method had became popular thing and I tough it would be perfect for making my guard tanks look dirty and fit well with the desert look of the rest of the army. Sadly my skills where poor with the varnish and in  my humble opinion, ruined the look that I was after with rest of the army. 

I was in a hurry with the tanks and so I decided to continue with the dipping, trying to get the tanks to look good and to look the same with the theme. I wanted to get the army ready for 2011 Ropecon and on the very last night before the tournament I put on the static grass on the all the bases of the army's models.

Here's the conclusion. 

Even despite my own thoughts for the success of my army's overall look I did well. I won the Best Painted Army title once again. 

What to do next? Well my very first guard army is in the paint removal process but I think I will savor them for maybe a Armies on Parade contest. But, the worst part of having full metallic infantry is that when you drop them they will chip a piece of your heart as well a piece of that paint job that you have done with hard work. So that in mind I would like to do a tournament army with using only plastic kits. More of that later.

-Master of Onion  

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