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Exodite Eldar Army Project

I have decided to make an Exodite Eldar army. This idea of Eldars that long ago saw the doom of their race and left for the edges of their empire to get away from the Fall is fascinating  Since they mostly ended up on planets with harsh environments I tough of making a snow/winter themed army.

The backbone of my army would be the true underdogs of the current 40k edition, the Guardians. Mostly because they would be the main supply of fighters in Exodite worlds. My conversion plan is to kit-bash the Guardians, as well other warrior models that I'll be needing, with the Fantasy Battle High Elves archer models. I will give the legs from the archers for my exodites to give them a unique look over the normal Guardians. Here's the first try.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. The overall look of the both Guardians and the Dark Reapers where pretty good. The white is a color I struggle to get good enough but with practice I hope master it enough to give my models a look that they deserve. The archer legs look absolutely awesome on the guardians.

To continue this project I first looked at other similar exodite armies on the web and noticed that they like to use the Dark Elf Cold-ones and Lizardmen models a lot. To avoid this I tough of looking for monsters and mounts that would look like they could endure the harsh cold of an eternal winter. Even tough the new Fenrisian wolves models look pretty cool, I don't think they will suit the eldars. Maybe as an ally.

For my next conversion I will do two Wraith Lord counterparts from the Ogre Kingdom Mourfang box, adding a simple weapons platform of sorts on back of them. They should bring more contrast to the army. If and when GW brings out an eldar counterpart for the Tau Riptide I will probably convert it from the Ogre Kingdom Thundertusk model.

Jetbike units are the real issue when it becomes converting them from some kind of animal model. The lizard theme benefits largely from the new Dark Eldar Cold-ones, giving the players a look that enforces the idea of the model having toughness 4 and armor 3+. What other kind of model would do the same in the furry side of the models available to me? Well for one I do already have four models of the High Elf Chariot lions, they carry some kind of armor plating and seem sort of an animal that could survive in the cold thanks to it's fur. Also, they seem quite big as they need to present the same size of an jetbike. Only drawback is that even the animal seems very agile and quick to move it probably isn't as fast as a jetbike. But you have to make some compromise when making count-as models.

I will update this project as it goes along, 'till next time.

-Master of Onion

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