sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

Beginning of an Eldar army

It's been slow progress with this army project and that's good since I don't want to rush things. I have gotten around to paint more Guardians and Warlock for a small Combat Patrol tournament held just this weekend. Here's a pic of what I have gotten painted so far.

For the 500 point tournament I had 18 Defender Guardians with the Eldar Missile Launcher, Warlock and two units of 2 Dark Reapers and Exarch with Tempest Launcher.

This tournament included my first games with the Eldar army and it sure was fun. There was 6 rounds in the tournament. First game was against pretty nifty Ork army made from Kroots. The two Dark Reaper Tempest Launcher barrages proved to be awesome way to snipe the Warlord from the enemy, raining six blast in a turn on him, thanks to Fast Shot Exarch skill. I also had Night Vision on both of them, allowing me shoot freely at the enemy models in 5 of the 6 games played on that day. I won against the Orks as the mission was Purge the Alien.

Second game was against Space Wolves. I won that game as well, thanks to the Tempest ap3 stat. Mission had 3 Objectives to hold, I took two with one reaper unit and guardians. Both reapers rained death upon the marines as they struggled to take one of the objectives in open ground.

Third game was against a horde of Tyranids, with 18 Gargoyles, 20 Gaunts and couple of bigger monsters. The opposing player was, to my surprise a very beautiful woman, playing again after 10 years pause. The game only last 3 rounds and I won with very low casualties. Tyranids learned that charging a unit of 18 guardians is not the best idea thanks to Overwatch rule.

After that thighs went down hill as I got an another Eldar army against me with such unit choices as 6 jetbikes, spiders, 2 war walkers and a Shadow Weaver artillery. I lost that badly, mainly because of poor deployment area and even worse way of placing my units on the area given. Game was over in three turns.

The two last games where against Dark Eldar and I lost both of then mainly to those darn reaver jetbikes that  caused automatic hits and lot of them in one fly over.

But despite of the last 3 games I had fun playing "footdar" army in such low points game. The Guardians are excelent now with their new rules. To make my army 1000 points strong I will be adding a Farseer (doh), Dire Avengers, maybe a Wave Serpent and Swooping hawks. I also have 6 jetbikes under construction from the high Elf lions but those will take a bit more time. I would also like to convert a ten model strong Warp Spider unit.

Stay tuned for more :)

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